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Zenit Group | 10 Oct 2018

Zenit Uniqa guarantees efficiency for the Lucerne water park

Unit: Zenit Europe | Country: Switzerland (Lucern)
Application: Civil applications | Application detail: Clear wastewater lifting, water features, irrigation
Product family: Electric submersible pumps
   > Product: UNIQA Series | Model: ZUG OC


Lucerne is a Swiss city of about 81.000 people, capital of the canton of the same name. Its famous well conserved medieval architecture and its lakeside setting surrounded by snow-capped mountains have made it a tourism destination for centuries.
This is the location of the "Waldschwimmbad Zimmeregg", the canton’s famous water park, which provides fun and refreshment with its large pools and water features.
The very large water complex has a 6-lane 50 m pool, a 50 m pool with water features, two pools with slides and artificial waves, and an 86 m slide with pool. A complex water system operates all the water features, slides and pools, and the demands on every pumping station are so heavy that rotating wear parts require frequent replacement.
The water complex’s management were seeking a new, more modern pumping system to operate the entire park. The system would have to be highly reliable and energy efficient, and ensure the large flows required.


The "Waldschwimmbad Zimmeregg" needed to discard obsolete, inefficient technologies in favour of a new, more modern pumping system. The management therefore turned to their Zenit distributor Blue Energy Group GmbH for a definitive solution. The water park’s new system would have to be:
  • reliable, to avoid any technical problems which could interfere with the park’s operation and thus its opening to the public;
  • efficient, to mitigate the financial impact of the pumps’ electricity consumption;
  • high flow, delivering 360 m3/hour to a height of 12 m.
Zenit solutions are used not only for lifting liquids but also for creating the special effects such as waves, currents and fountains which make water parks such fun. After an in-depth analysis, the Zenit engineers suggested a pair of UNIQA series electric pumps with open "channel" impeller, 9 kW motor and free passage of 45 mm.


Thanks to installation of the Zenit UNIQA pumps, the "Waldschwimmbad Zimmeregg" has finally entered the era of energy efficiency (IE3), by making the right choice from both the financial and the environmental points of view.
Moreover, the high quality of the construction materials used in UNIQA pumps considerably increases overall reliability, avoiding costly repairs and undesirable system stoppages. No less important were the capability for operation in S1 continuous duty mode, guaranteed even in dry installations, and the UNIQA flow and head performances, with which all Waldschwimmbad Zimmeregg water park technical staff were completely satisfied.
case history zenit group uniqa water park lucern 01
The Waldschwimmbad Zimmeregg water park
case history zenit group uniqa water park lucern 02
Pre installation phases
case history zenit group uniqa water park lucern 03
The installation of Zenit UNIQA in the sump
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