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Zenit Group | 18 Jul 2019

Grey, wide free passage for industrial water lifting

Unit: Zenit Europe | Country: Germany (Laufenburg)
Application: Industrial applications | Application detail: Process/machining wastewater lifting
Product family: Electric submersible pumps
   > Product: Grey Series | Model: DRG


Haeusler is a leading Swiss manufacturer of metalworking systems for industrial and civil use. Their huge, sophisticated machines can make pipes of up to 4 metres in diameter, 20 centimetres thick and 20 metres long.
During metalworking, a robot cuts and welds the metal and then uses powerful jets of water to remove the residues. The process wastewater, full of slag and pollutants, must be recovered and disposed of. We were asked to solve the problem of lifting the process water from the welding and metal washing processes.

The electric pumps used will be an integral part of the machinery they sell. The customer required electric pumps with a large free passage to prevent clogging by welding residues and, importantly, with high reliability.


Together with our German distributor TMP Pumpentechnik, our technicians selected the best model for the customer's needs. DR Grey with channel impeller and wide free passage were chosen using the Zeno application.
They are ideal for lifting industrial process water containing solids.


The Grey series is based on completely redesigned hydraulics and motors to guarantee high performance, low consumption and outstanding versatility.
Haeusler's customer will count on excellent metalworking capabilities and on the reliability and efficiency of Grey electric pumps.

case history gruppo zenit Haeusler1
Processing phases
case history gruppo zenit Haeusler2
An example of pipes produced by Haeusler machines
case history zenit group Fincantieri opts for the Grey solution 02
The Grey series range
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