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Zenit Group | 29 Apr 2019

Grey pumps solve drainage problems

Unit: Zenit Italia | Country: Italy (Jesi)
Application: Industrial applications | Application detail: Rainwater drainage
Product family: Electric submersible pumps
   > Product: Grey Series | Model: DRG


We received a request from a client in Jesi (Ancona) to handle the lifting and conveying of rainfall contaminated by industrial wastewater to the water treatment and purification plant.
The unstrained wastewater in question also contains solid waste that could lead to problems of clogged hydraulic components or jammed impellers, resulting in the risk of overload.


The treatment plant is some distance from the industrial area; the client needed a solution that guarantees maximum effectiveness and reliability, to avoid costly and inconvenient maintenance.
Together with our local installation partner, Elettromeccanica Casabianca, we studied the case and proposed a pair of Grey series submersible electric pumps with channel impellers.
Thanks to their optimum hydraulic performance and large free passage, channel impellers guarantee excellent results in the recycling of industrial and process waste waters, civil lifting, first rainfall tanks and drainage of groundwater or seepage water.
The impellers provide a free passage of up to 110mm, eliminating the risk of blockages caused by solid waste in the wastewater.
A tailor-made solution that responds to the client's needs.


The Grey series is based on completely redesigned hydraulics and motors to guarantee high performance, low consumption and outstanding versatility.
The solution offered by Zenit Group and the professionalism of Elettromeccanica Casabianca satisfied the client's requirements.
The lifting and treatment plant for contaminated first rainfall is fully operational and we are confident that the Grey series submersible electric pumps will guarantee the required reliability and long-lasting performance.

case history zenit group rain water lifting grey italy 01
Installation stages
case history zenit group rain water lifting grey italy 02
Installation stages
case history zenit group rain water lifting grey italy 03
The Grey series range of submersible electric pumps
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