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Zenit Group | 16 Dec 2019

Grey pumps solve clogging problems in Zagreb

Unit: Zenit Europe | Country: Croatia (Zagreb)
Application: Civil applications | Application detail: Wastewater lifting
Product family: Electric submersible pumps
   > Product: Grey Series | Model: DRG


Importanne is Canadian investor which was the first to arrive in Croatia in the early 1990's. The first project was to build an underground shopping mall with large pubilc garage, all connected to existing pedestrian street and railway underpassage, off Zagreb's main railway station. Part of that project was to upgrade a public toilet which had problems of clogging due to frequent misuse. 

The existing pumps were supplied by Myers back in the day and with time it was becoming harder to obtain spare parts for them.


Salix alba was asked by its service partner to offer some model by Zenit Group and try to provide all information available for selection.
With the help of the ZENO pump selection software Salix alba had initially configured several N-series pump models, though the final decision fell after consulting Zenit Europe.

Since in the mean time a new generation of Zenit pumps had been developed and launched - the new Grey series, it was eventually decided to change from N-series pump to Grey, even though the range was still rather unknown and just out in the market.
It all turned out fantastically well!


Pumps are operating without any trouble for one full year now. The public toilets are non-stop operational and open, just like the nearby landmark Hotel Еsplanade that was opened back in 1925 for welcoming passengers from the legendary Orient Express.

About a year after delivery Salix alba have met with the Importanne maintenance staff who have shared that the previous pumps were clogging way to often, while since they have been replaced by Zenit Group pumps, there has not been a single clogging issue.

Fun fact: Zagreb Central railway station was one of the locations where the 1963 James Bond movie "From Russia with Love" filmed.

case history zenit group importanne 01
The Importanne underground shopping mall
case history zenit group importanne 02
The Zagreb rail station
Zenit Grey Series electric submersible pumps
The Grey series range
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