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Zenit Group | 26 Nov 2018

Yunnan Chenggong Wastewater Treatment Plant

Unit: Zenit China | Country: China (Yunnan Chenggong)
Application: Treatment Applications | Application detail: Wastewater treatment
Product family: Aeration Systems
   > Product: Oxyplate | Model: Oxyplate 9"


Rising ceaselessly with the economic development and the people living standard, the sewage discharge quantity increases continuously. Dian Lake, which ranked as the largest freshwater lake in Yunnan province, has all the wastewater treatment plants there be put on alert. Chenggong WWTP is one of the key projects invested by the local government for sewage treatment and it owns the profound meaning for repairing ecological environment and improving water quality.




The application for the disc-shaped air diffusers could help provide high oxygen transfer efficiency with low pressure drop, which dramatically prevent the sedimentation of the activated sludge. Zenit is able to design the most efficient solution for the customer's specifications.
ZPS case history yunnan chenggong wwtp 1
The Oxyplate installed
ZPS case history yunnan chenggong wwtp 2
The Oxyplate working
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