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Zenit Group | 25 Oct 2019

UNIQA Chopper be Applied in Jilin Pig Breeding Base

Unit: Zenit China | Country: China (Jilin Songyuan)
Application: Agricultural Applications | Application detail: Wastewater lifting
Product family: Electric submersible pumps
   > Product: UNIQA Series | Model: ZUG CP


In 2012, the healthy pig breeding base invested by COFCO Group in Jilin was formally established. With totally 2 million pigs' capacity on the farm scale and 3.6 billion investment volume devoted, the pig base faced with the severe water treatment issue because of the diversified sewage media, such as animal dander, the fiber and the excrement, which calls for the high standard pumps' application.


Zenit UNIQA Chopper series pump is suitable for sewage, lifting of not strained black water and liquids containing solid parts and fibers. It owns the competitive advantage in dealing with the sewage contains complicated media.

Pump Type: UNIQA Chopper

3 pcs ZUG CP100F 30/2 AW 180
1 pcs ZUG CP100B 30/4 AW 315
12 pcs ZUG CP100B 22/2 AW 290


UNIQA Chopper impeller with chopper system (ZUG CP) is able to cut particles of any shape of proportion, ensuring the expulsion of solids and prevents fouling of the impeller. Motors are designed with the aim of achieving the Premium (IE3) efficiency class according to the EN 60034-30 standard and guarantee high performance with low energy use.
ZPS case history Jilin Pig Breeding Base ZUGCP 1
Project site
ZPS case history Jilin Pig Breeding Base ZUGCP 2
Pump installation
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