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This website of Zenit Italia s.r.l. ( serves to provide information on the organisational structure of the company, its products, services, sales offers and all other facts it is deemed necessary to make known to those concerned. The User acknowledges that use of the Website is subject to acceptance of the terms and conditions laid out below, which may be altered at the discretion of Zenit Italia s.r.l., with notice of the same published on the Website itself. The Website or any part thereof may not be used by the User for purposes of profit.


The Website is the exclusive property of Zenit Italia s.r.l. with registered office at Via dell'Industria 11, San Cesario sul Panaro (Modena). Italy. Any and all content of the Website, where not otherwise expressly indicated, is confidential and is protected by applicable intellectual property legislation. The contents of the pages of the Website may not, in whole or in part, be altered, copied, reproduced, transferred, loaded, published or distributed in any manner without the prior written consent of Zenit Italia s.r.l., with the exception of storing them on a computer or printing hardcopy extracts for exclusively personal use and without purposes of profit. "Zenit" is a registered trademark. The trademarks and logos which appear on the Website are the property of Zenit. Reproduction of the trademark and anything which is covered by copyright is strictly prohibited, unless Zenit has granted authorisation for this by specific agreement. The name "Zenit", as well as the names of products and services supplied by the company, where associated with genres of goods or services with which it may be linked, may not be used as the address of other websites, or as part of those addresses. Any kind of link to the Website, if inserted on the websites of third parties, must not cause damage to the image and activities of Zenit.


No guarantee of any kind, express or implicit, including of proper operation of the Website or against flaws, is provided to the User in relation to the availability, up-to-date nature, completeness and reliability of these web pages. Zenit does not guarantee that the pages of the Website are free of errors or omissions and, in any case, reserves the right, at any moment and at its own discretion, to alter them in any way, or to revoke permission to access them. Although it guarantees diligent use of appropriate prevention and recovery tools, Zenit is also not able to guarantee that the Website is free of viruses, Trojans, spyware or other damaging or undesired programs introduced by third parties. Zenit shall not be held liable, under any circumstances, for any damage suffered by the User, even if indirect, nor for loss of profits or interruption of business activities deriving from use of the Website or simple access to the Website. If the laws in certain states do not permit the exclusion or limitation of specific guarantees or liability, these exclusions and limitations shall be understood to be extended within the widest limits permitted by the laws in question. The Website may include links to other websites belonging to or run by third parties; the rules for the use of such websites have nothing to do with Zenit and with the Website, and as such the rules governing their use must be independently read and accepted in advance. Any other websites referred to above have no connection with Zenit, and in any case the company does not check or perform any monitoring operations on them or their contents, nor does it approve, promote or support them in any way.


Zenit processes all personal data relating to Users of the Website in full compliance with the strict requirements of Italian data-protection legislation. In accordance with article 13 of the Italian Data Protection Code, Zenit hereby informs you that data provided voluntarily, including email addresses, will be processed for the sole purpose of providing the information and services requested by the User; the company commits not to communicate, distribute or transfer any data in its possession to third parties, unless it has obtained explicit consent from the Data Subject. The data will be processed via electronic means only and the corresponding data archives will be protected by adopting the required security measures. In accordance with article 7 of the Italian Data Protection Code, the Data Subject is entitled to request, at any moment, access to, deletion of, alteration of or updates to their personal data, in accordance with the methods specified by the code. Any information sent to Zenit via the Website will be considered non-confidential. Without prejudice to their right to request deletion of their name in the forms permitted by law, the User agrees to the addition of their name to the Zenit mailing list and that they will then receive, via email, news and promotional information on Zenit's products and services. The Data Controller is: Zenit Italia s.r.l. with registered office at Via dell’Industria 11, San Cesario sul Panaro (Modena), Italy.


Legal action will be taken in the case of any conduct by the User which constitutes a computer crime affecting Zenit and which leads to damage, alteration or infection of the Website, or which involves a violation of the provisions of these legal notes.


These terms of use and their application are governed by Italian substantive law and legal procedure.


By browsing the Website, the User gives tacit acceptance to these terms of use. Such acceptance on the occasion of their first visit shall subsequently apply to subsequent browsing sessions.

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