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Zenit Group | 26 May 2017

Zenit Uniqa, anti-clogging pumping in Switzerland

Unit: Zenit Europe | Country: Switzerland (Reinach Aargau)
Application: Civil applications | Application detail: Wastewater lifting
Product family: Electric submersible pumps
   > Product: UNIQA Series | Model: ZUG CP


A municipal waste water lifting station plant was regularly blocking due to fibers and solids contained in the fluid that clogged the plant’s pumps.
This situation brings many, expensive, problems of stopping plant and mehanical maintenance. So the plant manager asked us a way to solve the clogging problems  and limit the maintenance work.


We offered as solution a UNIQA IE3 Chopper Version. This pump is provided with Channel impeller with cutting system included. This configuration cut the solids and fibers in the liquid, and grant a continuously operating avoiding unwanted stops.
All the Uniqa chopper series impellers ensure high resistance to abrasive liquids, thanks to the Molib-Tech treatment; an innovative coating technique ideal for preventing serious wear due to erosion or cavitation on pump impellers, suction flanges and bodies  


Now the UNIQA Chopper pump is running since four months free of blocking and reducing the weekly arising manipulation expenses.
As the UNIQA Chopper is fitted with a high efficiency motor, we could provide the same requested operation duties with less consumption of energy, what means an additional cost advantage for the final client.
Zenit Group case history reinach 2
The Uniqa chopper pump ready to be installed
Zenit Group case history reinach 1
The Uniqa chopper pump ready to be lowered into the pit
Zenit Group case history reinach 3
The Uniqa chopper pump ready to work
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